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Dramatic Raise in Real Estate Filing Fees in Suffolk County

All documents presented or re-presented for Tax Map Verification in Suffolk County on or after December 18, 2015 must be assessed the new fee of $200.00 per lot.

The Real Property Tax Service Agency’s function is to verify the description of any and all real property being bought, sold, mortgaged, etc. and ensure that it corresponds to the tax map numbers to which it has been identified. Local Law 34-2015 was enacted which increases the Tax Map Verification fee to $200.00 for each lot verified. Additionally, there will continue to be no maximum fee.

This represents a tripling of the previous $60 filing fee, which is the second such leap in filing fees in the past 4 years. Previous to April 2, 2012, the filing fee was $20, which was then tripled to $60. Click Here to view the original Verification Fee Increase Memo and Local Law 34-2015, issued by the Senior Official Examiner of Title and the Senior Deputy County Clerk.

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